Improving Workflow and Patient Outcomes
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Transforming Data into Value

cover thumbWith rising health care costs, the need to increase efficiency and reduce waste and variability across care delivery without sacrificing outcomes is imperative. The rise of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning hold great potential to turn the massive amounts of health care data into value for both providers and patients. Hospital leaders participating in an American Hospital Association (AHA) Executive Dialogue said that data hold power for improving the quality and affordability of health care.

Because they are closest to care delivery, nurses, technologists and other staff have insights and ideas to improve performance that administrators may not have. Engaging these valuable staff members in data-driven discussions about improving care delivery is essential to success. Physicians can also be powerful allies in reducing the costs of medical procedures. They can be engaged with data that show the variation in cost among supplies and devices. Showing the aggregate savings that can be accrued by making cost-savvy decisions can help create a productive partnership.

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