Critical Conversations
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Growing importance of workforce planning in health care

Critical Conversations on the Workforce Imperative and Achieving the Triple Aim

Cover image for Critical Conversation on Workforce PlanningNew technology and models of care are emerging to deliver more comprehensive and compassionate care to diverse patients in different settings. This transformation requires some retooling of our health care system — and workforce planning that both aligns with and is driven by the organization’s overall strategic plan. This plan includes methods and approaches for retraining clinicians for the health care system of the future. Critical components of the planning process include understanding the dynamics of workforce data — including anticipating retirements, awareness of the skills and talents in house, and the pipeline of talent available.

The American Hospital Association invited health care administrators, clinicians, academicians and other representatives from hospitals, health systems and hospital associations to talk about the importance of workforce planning in health care. The following coverage of the event has been excerpted and edited for clarity. Also participating were representatives of AHA Workforce Center, AHA’s, The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), and a selection of organizations whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA:

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