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Data Analytics

Measuring, Managing and Monitoring Clinical and Operational Performance

Doctor's hands holding stethoscope with data graphics overlaidTransforming health care from a volume-based system that treats disease to a value-based system focused on population health and wellness requires access to real-time patient data. Data analytics is reshaping care delivery, enhancing efficiency and improving outcomes. Risk stratification and predictive analytics capabilities can help clinicians develop tailored interventions, enabling hospitals and health systems to enhance the health of the communities they serve. This executive dialogue explores the biggest opportunities and pain points organizations have encountered with analytics. It also examines what measures hospitals are using to monitor clinical and operational performance, and what hospitals and health systems can do to sustain their results.

Use of data for population health management is hampered by the lack of interoperability among providers across the care continuum. Web-based platforms and other information technology solutions are enabling secured data exchange and analytics across multiple sites. Sorting through vast quantities of data in a timely, accurate manner remains a challenge for many hospitals and health systems. When it comes to data analytics, it’s important to start small and build on successes and capabilities.

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