The 2019 AHA Leadership Summit will feature health care experts and senior executives presenting transformational strategies and innovative approaches for achieving financial sustainability while delivering greater value through operational excellence, creative partnerships, and redefined delivery models. The Summit will explore: strategies for enhancing the affordability and value of health care; opportunities for advancing quality, patient safety, and population health; models for creating cultures of innovation that drive delivery system transformation; leadership competencies and workforce strategies for positive change; and governance excellence.

We are now accepting presentation proposals that offer unique insights, successful case studies, and cutting edge solutions. Proposals should be non-commercial in nature. The deadline for submitting proposals is December 10.

Presentation Formats:

There are four presentation formats offered at the AHA Leadership Summit, listed below. Submitters must choose the preferred presentation format. Should the proposal be accepted, AHA will consider submitter’s format preference taking into consideration the best venue for the topic given the slots available. AHA reserves the right to make the final decision and will communicate the presentation type in the notification of acceptance.

Educational Track Session:

A 60-75 minute presentation, including Q&A.

Poster Display:

Poster on display in the exhibit hall. Poster authors encouraged to stand by their posters for discussion with attendees during formal exhibit hours.

Roundtable Discussion:

A 20-minute presentation followed by 40-minute conversation. The purpose of the Roundtable sessions is to raise critical issues and encourage attendees to share their own experiences, challenges, and successes with active facilitation to stimulate discussion. The emphasis is on getting participants engaged in a robust conversation – rather than on having speakers deliver lengthy presentations in more of a didactic manner.

Ignite Session:

Ignite sessions are 5-minute presentations on topics intended to spark conversations. Innovative ideas or original research make for the best presentations. Each Ignite session consists of 3 or 4 five-minute presentations followed by small group discussions around each of the topics. Attendees select one discussion to participate in based on what sparked their interest. Only ONE person will present at the live session. Co-presenters can be involved in the discussion following the presentation.

Content Areas:

Speaking proposals should address one of the following content areas:

Achieving Affordability and Value through New Payment and Delivery Models

Explore emerging care delivery models that expand access, improve health outcomes, and lower the total cost of care. Emphasis on how strategic collaborations and key stakeholder relationships can be integrated to strengthen the models, create greater accountability for performance, and improve affordability. Sessions may examine strategies to create new systems of care, particularly for challenges such as behavioral health integration, post-acute care management, and serving high-need, high-cost patients. Analysis of experiences with new payment methodologies and emerging trends in the insurance market.

Quality and Performance Improvement

Promising practices and approaches for providers competing to deliver the highest quality, safest, and most patient- and family-centered care, including strategies to create a culture of participation, measurement and continuous improvement.

Advancing Health through Community Partnerships

Approaches to address the imperative to advance population health improvement by integrating strategic initiatives that serve to better identify, analyze and manage chronically ill and vulnerable populations. Examples of how to direct resources to address social determinants of health, advance health equity, promote health and wellness, and reduce the cost of care.

Transformational Leadership and Workforce Development

Insights into the competencies required to lead complex organizations during uncertain times. Lessons on managing change, as well as team-based strategies for redesigning systems to transform the workplace for greater employee satisfaction and improved patient outcomes. Addresses traits exhibited by leaders who test new business models and increase efficiency, and drive workforce engagement. Sessions may focus on the educational and career development needs of next generation leaders, as well as programming to support physician leaders in improving care for their communities, collaborating effectively with administrative leadership, and building physician resilience.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Sessions will promote a revolution in thinking that reflects a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions that position organizations to stay ahead of the game. Strategies, practices and case studies for fostering a culture of innovation that enables health care leaders to build internal capacity to pursue change. Examples of how organizations are leveraging emerging opportunities for collaboration with new market entrants in response to consumer demand for convenience, the growth of personalized technologies, and novel approaches for engaging patients as partners.

Governance Excellence

A track of programming for trustees and governing board members focused on analysis of the issues that are transforming the board’s role and oversight responsibilities. Sessions should provide insights into the innovative governance practices and critical leadership competencies that will move the board from good governance to excellent governance, with case study examples of high-functioning boards especially sought.

Presentation proposals should be submitted via the button below.
You will be asked to provide the following:

  • A title for the session
  • Presentation format options
  • Content area
  • A session abstract
  • Full contact information on the proposed speaker(s) – name, title, organization, street, city, state, zip, phone, e-mail, assistant’s name and e-mail. All speakers must be confirmed as available to present during the Summit dates prior to submission of the proposal.
  • A brief bio for the speaker(s)
  • A speaking reference for the presenter(s) with contact info
  • A brief description of the presenter's organization(s)


Discounted Conference Registration Fee

Accepted speakers will receive a discounted registration rate of $750. Please note that we do not pay honoraria and speakers are expected to cover their own travel and lodging expenses.

Accepting the invitation to present confirms the commitment to attend the Summit and present. Presenters are responsible for registering for the conference and making all necessary travel arrangements.

Notification Timeline

Our design process will occur throughout the winter and we will contact you in March 2019 to notify you of our decisions. Please contact Connie Lang at with any questions.