Four pre-Summit events hosted by AHA and its partners have been co-located with the AHA Leadership Summit this year. These events are designed to enhance your Summit experience with in-depth attention to issues in clinical integration, hospital flow, workforce resilience, and health care equity.

We hope that you will consider adding one of these programs to your Summit participation.  Separate registration is required and links for more information are provided below.

Innovation Leadership Challenge: Collaborating to Improve Hospital Flow, Save Lives and Reduce Costs
Wednesday, July 25
8:00 am-5:00 pm

Join leaders in hospital flow at the Innovation Leadership Challenge: Collaborating to Improve Hospital Flow, Save Lives and Reduce Costs pre-Summit session to learn about proven innovative processes, tools, frameworks and insights in a dynamic environment. After this pre-Summit session you'll be able to make dramatic improvements in capacity and patient safety, all with decreased costs to your hospital. Come join your operational, strategy and clinical colleagues in hands-on small group design sessions to move from understanding to action.

Visit the Innovation Leadership Challenge site to learn more. Co-sponsored by the Health Research and Educational Trust and the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Separate registration is required and available via online registration. Registration fee: $375. A $100 discount is available to participants who register for both the Innovation Leadership Challenge and the Leadership Summit. Registrations must be submitted at the same time to qualify for the discount.

Leading Organizations that Support a Resilient, Agile and Engaged Workforce
Wednesday, July 25
1:00-4:30 pm

Challenges abound in health care, not the least of which are the efforts to support our workforce, who are feeling the pressure of the myriad changes and the ever-increasing demands of the delivery system. It comes as no surprise that caregivers are experiencing burnout and emotional exhaustion that affects their ability to care for patients. An imperative for executive leaders in health care is learning how to develop organizations that support a resilient and agile workforce, who will be capable of effectively responding over the long term to the ongoing needs of patients and their families, payers, administrators, and regulators. This session will explore best practices in addressing burnout and how organizations are promoting well-being and resilience. It will also offer participants the opportunity to work in small groups to advance their own planning, development and support of an engaged, resilient and agile workforce. We encourage senior leaders from across the health care continuum to register for this program, and to consider bringing two or more leaders from their organization to learn and work as teams on this issue.

Sponsored by the AHA Workforce Center. Email for more information.

Separate registration required and available via online registration. This is a complimentary program designed to enhance your Leadership Summit experience.

#123forEquity Training Symposium
Wednesday, July 25
1:00-4:30 pm

The Equity Training Symposiums are designed to help hospitals and health systems to effectively achieve the goals of the #123forEquity pledge. The curriculum will focus on executing strategies for each component of the pledge. Health care leaders will be able to implement these strategies at their hospitals and health systems to improve health care quality, increase diversity and inclusion, and achieve health equity for all. Hospital leaders charged with the management of their organization's #123forEquity pledge activities should attend.

Hosted by the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity and the Disparities Solutions Center.

Separate registration required. Registration information will be available soon. For more information email