AHA Endorsement Success Stories

No matter the company size, AHA Health Forum provides first-rate onboarding, support, education, and account management to our AHA Endorsed solution providers. With over 400,000 executive decison makers and influencers, we know a thing or two about creating successful programs that get positive results. Just take a look.

Clinical Denials Management & Medical Necessity Compliance Services from EHR

Case Study
Learn how AHA Solutions, EHR, as well as hospitals nationwide, have found mutual value in this collaboration. Due to the complexity of regulatory compliance, EHR has leveraged the AHA’s broad network of hospital members to educate the marketplace. It has stressed the need for a strong compliance program, created awareness of the rules and regulations with which hospitals must comply and offered implementable solutions that can support hospitals. For EHR, the true value of the AHA Endorsement is the ability to align with and be supported by the AHA—as a thought leader and content expert. These experienced successes have supported a formidable partnership for nearly 10 years.

Enterprise Content Management Software from Hyland

Case Study
In 2005, AHA Solutions awarded the AHA Endorsement to OnBase for document management capabilities in the revenue cycle and administrative operations. Prior to the Endorsement, Hyland had built a base of 500 clients in the health care market. “Initially, it was about growing our brand, opening doors and penetrating the market,” said Scott Bruno, Manager-Healthcare OEM and Alliances at Hyland. “As the market started to take off, we saw the value of having the exclusive AHA Endorsement get us into the final stages of a deal, if not outright contribute to winning the deal.”

Success, Year One: Single Sign-On Solutions from Imprivata

Case Study
Commenting on the program results, Imprivata Marketing Director Brian Mullins, states: “The programs we have executed with the AHA have opened doors to larger health care organizations and expanded our access to executive level IT decision makers, including CIOs and CMIOs. That alone provides significant value.”

Policy & Procedure Management Software & Services from NAVEX Global

Case Study
Earning the AHA Endorsement has given PolicyTech a defi nite advantage in the health care environment, and the organization quickly took advantage of marketing and relationship building opportunities with AHA Solutions to maximize its value and increase visibility among health care leaders. “When hospitals and care facilities fi nd out that our solution has earned the AHA Endorsement, we have doors opened, barriers removed and our solutions reviewed with confi dence,” declares PolicyTech CEO, Robert Tietjen. “Our company has been able to grow this market segment with great confi dence.”

A Quest to Be the Ideal AHA Partner

Case Study
RL Solutions exhibited a genuine passion in its pursuit of the AHA Endorsement and sought to leverage the credibility of the AHA. It recognized that the AHA Endorsement Seal assures hospital leadership that its product is trusted, provides data-driven quality and compliance, and is uniquely scalable to hospitals large and small.