We are committed to bringing you solutions that stand out for their ability to surmount operational challenges.

The AHA Endorsement

AHA Health Forum is dedicated to identifying solutions that help hospitals in their efforts to support the Triple Aim of better care, better health and lower cost. We start by conducting internal and external research to identify key challenges faced by the field, and then evaluate the solutions that address them. Through the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process™, we assess products and services with rigor and award the AHA exclusive endorsement to the solutions that excel in all areas of the evaluation process.

The following solutions have been awarded an exclusive AHA Endorsement, each addressing a different operational challenge faced by hospitals and care systems.


Accident Insurance for Volunteers & Student Nurses

Developed in collaboration with the American Hospital Association and AXIS Global Accident & Health.


Applicant Screening & Drug Testing Services

Provides the data hospitals need to make safer, smarter hiring decisions and protect patients, staff and visitors.


Data Center Hosting & Service Desk Services

Offers hospitals cost effective, state-of-the-art tools and technologies that enable reliable access to data and resources.


Financing Solutions

Access to capital enables hospitals and providers to acquire equipment and fund growth initiatives.


Hospital Wayfinding Solutions

Improve patient experience with a smartphone-based, indoor positioning and wayfinding platform designed for healthcare systems.


Recruitment Optimization, Behavioral Assessments, Reference & Performance Management

Select, develop and retain highly engaged people who are focused on improving patient care and satisfaction.


Enterprise-wide Imaging Performance And Analytics Solution

Document and track dose, compare performance with national benchmarks, and systematically reduce dose exposure through advanced analytics.


Workplace Wellness Solutions

Improve health and the bottom line without overtaxing internal resources or requiring additional tools to gauge success


Policy & Procedure Management Software & Services

Allows hospitals and health care systems to manage all their policies and procedures consistently, efficiently and cost effectively.re.


Incident Reporting & Management

Enables hospitals to manage all of their incident reports, track follow-up and assign tasks to hospital staff all from RL6.


Telehealth Technology Platform & Licensable Software Solution

Enabling individuals to seek medical care from any location via phone; secure, online, multi-party-video; or mobile app.