Discover the Power of Self-Service Analytics


Consultants and other service providers need the timeliest and most accurate data about the hospitals and health systems they are trying to reach. Finally, there is a tool that can help.

AHA eSource is an intuitive business intelligence tool that allows professionals and executives to answer key questions about 6,300 U.S. hospitals and over 400 health care systems.

AHA eSource reveals insights, identifies business needs, and helps shape strategy for those who want to help health care leaders optimize their organization’s performance. Now, anyone can find answers and gain insight with its easy-to-use platform and comprehensive data sets -- no data analyst required.

Hospital Data At Your Fingertips

The eSource Advantage

Ease: Work on the go – from smart phones, tablets, or laptops. Group and compare organizations by geography, affiliation, or service line with ease.

Expertise: Explore hospitals and health systems at the facility, system, and market level. You become the expert.

Empowerment: Take action based on integrated marketing and information solutions

Efficiency: Create customized reports, presentations, and analyses for your target audience. Use only the information you need, not what you don’t

Excellence: Use the richest, most respected hospital data set in the industry to make more informed, real-time decisions

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