Is Your Uniform a Sponge?

VESTEX Active Barrier3 Apparel® is fluid resistant, antimicrobial1,2,4, breathable, stain and wrinkle resistant.

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VESTEX® Active Barrier Apparel is:

  • Fluid Resistant - Fluids bead up and roll off the fabric.
  • Antimicrobial1,2,4 - Reduces tested germs on the product.
  • Breathable - Enables air flow so fabric dries quickly.
  • Stain and Wrinkle Resistant.

Choose from a line of fashionable styles, colors and sizes.

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1 Bearman, G., Rosato, A., Elam, K., Sanogo, K., Stevens, M., Sessler, C., and Wenzel, R. P., “A Cross-over Trial of Antimicrobial Scrubs to Reduce MRSA Burden on Healthcare Worker Apparel,” Infect. Control Hosp. Epidemiol., Vol. 33, No. 3, 2012, pp. 268–275.
2 Hardwick, Matthew, Walsh, Thomas, and Cotton, Margaret, “Fabric Challenge Assays: New Standards for the Evaluation of the Performance of Textiles Treated with Antimicrobial Agents,” Pesticide Formulation and Delivery Systems: Innovating Legacy Products for New Uses on November 1–3, 2011 in Tampa FL; STP 1558, M. Bernards, Editor, pp. 1–14, doi:10.1520/STP155820120184, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA 2013.
3 Active barrier apparel is designed as a replacement for traditional, every-day hospital attire and is designed to help repel splatter and spills of fluids and other material on the fabric. The fabric also contains an antimicrobial substance shown in laboratory and hospital settings to inhibit certain tested bacteria from growing on the fabric under the conditions of the tests. Neither liquid repellency nor antimicrobial tests are intended to assess the active barrier apparel’s ability to meet personal protective equipment requirements. The ability of the fabric to reduce exposure or infections has not been studied.
4 This product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. Always clean this product thoroughly after each use.