CheckMedicTM for Physician Practice Groups

Learn about expediting Phase I credentialing for clinicians with CheckMedicTM for Physician Practice Groups from Verisys.

Imagine streamlining your practice with a web-based credentialing solution that puts health care providers in charge of their data. Handles peer referencing in days. Speeds privileging and onboarding. And eliminates costly, redundant credentialing processes for your staff. That's what you get with CheckMedic™, the online solution to today's complex health care environment. Accurate and comprehensive, it ensures that the credentials of every provider have been checked and verified, saving your practice time, money and effort. CheckMedic continually monitors credentialing data that can change over time, alerts you of provider status changes, handles peer referencing and more.

Set-up is easy. After you register for an account, invite all your providers to create a customized MedPass ™ profile containing their credentials and information. You can also start connecting with -and recruiting from -an entire community of credentialed providers with CheckMedic accounts.

CheckMedic provides your practice with powerful benefits, including:

  • Exceeds standards set by The Joint Commission, DNV and HFAP
  • One-time setup
  • Accelerates credentialing, privileging and ROI
  • Automatically notifies you of any provider status changes
  • Never fill out another application again
  • Online peer referencing in days, not months
  • More effective recruitment and onboarding
  • Totally paperless
  • Accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Confidential, safe, secure
  • Powered by Verisys, the gold standard in credentials verification


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