Meet John P. Benson, Chief Operating Officer, Verisys

Read this feature article in the October 2011 issue of Compliance Today Magazing.

Editor’s note: Brian Flood, National Managing Director, KPMG LLP and member of the HCCA Board of Directors, conducted this interview with John Benson in the summer of 2011. Brian may be contact by e-mail at John may contacted by e-mail at

"I have rarely seen a corporation invest in and adopt best practices in the risk management and compliance area for the sole reason “because it is the right thing to do.” There are many things we would like to do because they are the right thing to do, however, there needs to be corporate will and a budget to do what is suggested under current guidelines and regulatory schemes. It’s really a matter of helping compliance professionals and the people that they report to get educated. Unfortunately, the regulatory framework for health care compliance remains complicated and a little muddy."

Download the full interview to learn more about John Benson, the role of risk management today from his perspective, and to learn more about Verisys.