4 Ways Hospitals Are Innovating with Telehealth

This article provides insights on how telehealth's versatility is enhancing care delivery, training and education, competitiveness, and financial performance.

resource thumbnailTelehealth is more than a method for delivering care. It is a tool for achieving innovation and executing strategy. Even as classic uses of telehealth continue to grow, hospitals and health systems
are applying it in innovative new ways to support their clinical and financial goals. The use cases range from extending care to new markets and patient populations, to improving staff and resident training, to meeting new Joint Commission requirements, to helping prevent readmissions, and even for providing remote medical care for disaster relief.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services now covers 40 telehealth services, and the 21st Century Cures Act that Congress passed in December 2016 directs the agency to find more. Some hospitals and health systems are already ahead of the curve. Download this article to learn about some interesting and effective ways telehealth is being used today that other hospitals could emulate.