Health Forum: We Award the AHA Endorsement


We identify challenges. We endorse solutions. We collaborate with innovative companies. Your Partner to transform health care.

Health Forum takes pride in the relationships we have built with Partners whose solutions have earned the AHA Endorsement. Each Partner has undergone the rigorous AHA Signature Due Diligence ProcessTM. By addressing the operational challenges that face our nation’s hospitals, our Partners demonstrate a deep commitment to health care and to creating healthier communities. By convening AHA member hospitals that face similar challenges with recognized knowledge leaders, Health Forum provides a unique, value-added service.

Benefits of the AHA Endorsement
We are your key strategic Partner in health care. We are an extension of your marketing team, working collaboratively to provide the highest level of credibility, visibility and access to the most targeted buyers. As an AHA Partner, you are aligned with an organization that has a 100+ year commitment to helping hospitals and care systems in their pursuit of excellence.

We help position you as a thought leader on key challenges facing hospitals and offer your endorsed product or service as the solution to help hospitals improve operations and enhance patient care. You benefit from repeated opportunities to promote your endorsed product or service to AHA members. Products and services bearing the exclusive Endorsement Seal have instant credibility within the health care community.

Our Value to Our Partners and Our Nation's Hospitals
Health Forum collaborates with hospital leaders and market consultants to conduct product due diligence and identify solutions to hospital challenges.

Partner Value

  • Instant market credibility
  • Competitive advantage over peer organizations
  • Brand and product visibility through integrated marketing campaigns
  • Knowledge leader status in key challenge areas
  • Access to influential decision makers
  • Positioning as a core component of the AHA strategy for operational excellence in hospitals

Hospital Value

  • Complimentary educational events on key challenge areas
  • Access to AHA research, data and information
  • Access to knowledge experts and related resources on key challenges
  • Introduction and direct access to products and services that help solve key operational challenges

Our Methodology
A partnership with Health Forum and the AHA Endorsement provide your solution with credibility, visibility and access. Our unique strategy influences the decision-making process, providing you with tangible results—qualified introductions. This integrated approach helps align our Partners with the true needs of the health care field, providing AHA constituents with the education, resources and access points needed to make informed and strategic buying decisions.

The AHA Endorsement Seal provides your organization with instant credibility in the health care market. When hospitals select a product or service that has earned the AHA Endorsement, they can be confident it has met the AHA’s highest standards. Through the AHA Endorsement your solution is aligned to a brand with a 100+ year commitment to its members, our nation’s hospitals. The credibility attached to an endorsed product or service lends itself to heightened thought leadership status in your specific challenge area.

As your strategic Partner, Health Forum acts as an extension of your marketing team. We collaborate to identify sales opportunities and devise a cohesive, integrated, multichannel marketing program to promote your endorsed product or service. Our 30+ years of experience in positioning solutions to AHA members assures targeted communications to hospital decision makers in all organizational areas.

Through our proprietary education program, the Signature Learning SeriesTM, we provide invaluable education. Signature Learning Series events showcase hospital success stories told from the perspective of the hospital and the Partner that impacted success. These events can take on many forms, including live convening meetings, informative roundtables, issue driven webinars and other targeted events that share industry leading ideas and innovative solutions.

By leveraging the activities that increase your solution’s brand awareness in the marketplace, we help you build a pipeline of business opportunities. Our field outreach resources support your sales team with facilitated introductions, Sales Assists and lead qualification based on marketing follow up activity. We are at the frontline to connect hospitals and Partners through ongoing relationship building and personal introductions.