The Fast Lane - Ochsner Health System

Learn how Ochsner, after acquiring several local hospitals following Hurricane Katrina, transitioned all facilities to RL6 for adverse event tracking.

Resource thumbFollowing Hurricane Katrina, Ochsner Health System acquired several local for-profit hospitals into its network. Along with these new hospitals came different cultures for reporting and defining occurrences (i.e., how to classify harm, what’s a pressure ulcer, etc.). Some sites weren’t reporting any patient safety incidents for fear of admitting mistakes.

Ochsner spent a lot of time in 2007 standardizing reporting across its sites, ensuring that the dashboard data presented at quarterly review meetings to senior leadership compared like-to-like. However, the information was never complete because of a lag in reporting data. Ochsner’s Jefferson Highway campus facility had an electronic reporting system but staff found it time-consuming and difficult to use. Moreover, 4 out of 5 facilities were still using paper to report incidents with extremely low reporting levels. To overcome this frustrating lack of data, Ochsner decided to purchase a new patient safety reporting system. Ultimately, Ochsner chose Risk from RL Solutions due to its cost and ease-of-use.

Unfortunately, when Ochsner gave notice to its existing software vendor, the company decided to suspend service in just 6 weeks. Therefore, Ochsner had to implement Risk quickly, which they managed in three phases: communication, implementation and training. Download the case study to learn more.