Prioritizing Policy & Procedure Management Based on Healthcare Trends

Prioritizing Policy & Procedure Management based on Healthcare Trends – does your E&C Program include the right elements? Read this whitepaper to learn more!

Cover imageNAVEX Global’s inaugural Definitive Corporate Compliance Benchmark Report applied a cross industry and cross-program analysis to data points most informative to ethics and compliance professionals. With a large portion of the survey respondents coming from health care, we cut the data specifically for the industry to investigate potential nuances for compliance health care professionals.

Though correlations and disparities will vary year to year, our 2019 findings indicate that health care compliance programs generally reinforce or outperform cross-industry trends. This is especially true with respect to internal reporting procedures, risk-based training, assessment and auditing activities, and generating leadership buy-in. However, health care compliance officers also report a comparative lack of program sophistication with respect to third party due diligence.