Highland Rivers Health Leaves Their Paper Trail Behind

Paper Policy Trails Create Major Headaches. Hear how this 36 facility organization transitioned to an improved digital policy management program.

Challenge: Paper Policy Trails Create Major Headachescase study thumb

With 36 facilities, almost 700 employees and an ever-growing number of policy and accreditation documents to maintain, relying on a paper policy management system was a losing battle for Highland Rivers Health. Having no centralized headquarters, Highland Rivers had to depend on individual employees at various locations who were deemed the keepers of policies and procedures. The organization also had to maintain a team that was responsible for taking paper policies, converting them to PDF and uploading them to the organization’s intranet – a process that oftentimes had so much lag time that policies were outdated by the time they made it online. “Simply monitoring version tracking required a team of about 15 people to travel once a month to review and revise all policies. It was a ton of admin work. It was another challenge all together having to search and find evidence for accreditation,” said Stephanie Collum, Chief Compliance Officer.

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