Community Health Alliance Eliminates Excuses for Lack of Policy Awareness

Learn how proper management, communication and enforcement of policies and procedures helps Community Health Alliance identify potential compliance risks.

resource cover imageChallenge: A Better Way to Manage Policies & Procedures

When Mary Wherry was recruited to join Community Health Alliance, a Nevada-based health center, as its quality improvement director and compliance officer, she knew that the organization needed to have a robust policy management in place. Having worked with PolicyTech® before, she recommended the software to the organization. Before her first day on the job, CHA had tried a free demo of the software and then purchased licenses.

According to Wherry PolicyTech is the type of software that can make or break an organization. It can make distribution of and training on policies and procedures more efficient, and it can also reveal where there are major gaps and risks within the organization.

At a previous organization, Wherry saw firsthand where things could go awry. "They had a manual clearance process where people would put their policies in a red folder and it would get handed from desk to desk. The chief complaint was that it would sit on people’s desks for months or get lost." That's not an option with PolicyTech.

Solution: PolicyTech® Offers Multiple Avenues for Policy Management and Distribution

Community Health Alliance manages about 250 policies and procedures within PolicyTech. And with multiple ways for employees to get to those policies and procedures, Wherry and her team are able to drive home the importance of staying on top of reading and following through on those policies. "My point to the staff was, 'I'm not playing around. I can tell whether you read a policy or not. The days of you saying you didn't know what the policy and procedure was are over,'" said Wherry.

Employees are able to access PolicyTech through an app on their desktop, in their favorites, on the organization’s intranet - SharePoint. When a new policy is issued, employees also receive an email from PolicyTech that directs them to go in and review and mark that they’ve read and understood the content. "There's no excuse. There's four ways for you to get to PolicyTech. There's no reason for you to say, 'I didn't know how.'"

Download the case study to learn how PolicyTech helps CHA identify where there are potential compliance risks.