Island Hospital Streamlines Safety Procedures & Boosts Compliance with PolicyTech

This case study shares how technology makes it easier to share and standardize safety information and significantly reduce safety violations.

resource cover imageAbout Island Hospital
Island Hospital is staffed by 750 employees, including over 190 physicians and healthcare providers. With 43 beds, Island is the smallest hospital in Washington State providing Level III trauma care. Island Hospital also operates seven family care clinics and six specialty clinics.

The Challenge: Email Discussions Bury Critical Information
Island Hospital’s accreditation process requires them to keep detailed records on hospital procedures—including violations and remediation.

"Before PolicyTech, we often had different versions of policies and procedures floating around our hospital and 13 clinics," said Sandra Sheikh, Island Hospital's quality improvement coordinator & safety officer. "We were sending out spreadsheets via email each week to alert staff to policy and procedure violations that needed to be addressed."

After receiving the emails, department managers and safety officers would exchange dozens of emails discussing how to address the violation. "We would accumulate 40 to 60 emails per issue. We were burying critical information—and sometimes staff wouldn’t take action because there were no clear next steps." said Sheikh. "It was a very chaotic and disorganized process."

The Solution: PolicyTech from NAVEX Global
After purchasing PolicyTech, Island Hospital leveraged the tool to facilitate a systematic process of updating and standardizing the hospital's 4,000 policies and procedures. This process eliminated redundancies and outdated versions of policies, and established a clean, approved draft of each policy and procedure.

Download the case study to learn more about Island Hospital's results and how your organization can benefit from NAVEX Global's PolicyTech Policy Management Software.