Sanford Health Case Study -- Structuring Policy Management

This case study outlines how Sanford Health overcame challenging policy management using PolicyTech policy and procedure management software and services.

resource thumbnailChallenge: A Scattered Approach to Policy Management

Sanford Health is the largest rural nonprofit health care system, with 43 hospitals, nearly 250 clinics, and 27,000 employees across nine states. Sanford’s mission is to improve the human condition through exceptional care, innovation and discovery. They do this in part by setting policies that ensure employees follow best practices to deliver excellent patient care.

Setting and managing policies is an important challenge for hospitals. With a never-ending flow of regulations, the number of policies can become a burden on employees if they’re not well maintained. Each of Sanford’s major hospitals was using a separate system for writing, updating and distributing policies. Over time, it became an increasingly disorganized approach. The smaller clinics in the Sanford system had to rely on paper copies or locally stored electronic versions of policies that were scattered, hard to track down and sometimes outdated. It was impossible to audit the policies and ensure employees were aware of the latest guidelines.

“In the past, staff might search for half an hour and have no hope of finding the policies they were looking for. Increasing their access to information is huge—being able to quickly find the policies that apply to you,” said Kathleen Mackeprang, RN Special Projects Coordinator. Mackeprang recognized the benefits of standardization across the entire hospital system. A centralized policy management system would save time and money. It would also ensure employees were aware of all applicable policies, keep Sanford’s policies consistent and reduce unnecessary risk.

Solution: Standardization with PolicyTech®

As Sanford Health began implementing PolicyTech, Mackeprang worked with an internal team representing nursing, clinical care, legal, compliance, risk management and IT. The organization set up the system as a centralized policy resource, making sure employees could quickly find the policies they needed, increasing consistency across the Sanford system, and streamlining reviews.

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