Enterprise Shared IT Services - A Healthcare Solution Case Study

With 13 facilities and hundreds of people depending on the IT systems, PHC was determined to find the best approach in dealing with their IT management concerns.

Resource thumbnailPHC had serious concerns about their IT service levels and were facing major availability problems when they approached IP Services. With 13 facilities and hundreds of people depending on the IT systems, PHC decided to migrate their entire inventory of mission critical applications as well as servers, security, storage, network management, monitoring, and maintenance. Most important among these was the management of the American Health Tech software system, the most critical application for PHC. This software system provides billing, practice management, and electronic medical record services to over 400 employees who access these applications via Citrix connections. “The application services we provide are the foundation on which the company is built,” says Mark Garber, Principal and CFO of PHC. “If our clients can’t access their applications, we’re basically out of business. Downtime impacts all of us and is very costly.”

It became evident to PHC executives that the existing service provider could not adequately support their service level standards. Additionally, there was a desire to improve the shared server environment and procure the best possible services in the most cost effi cient manner. But most importantly, the customer was looking for a partner who could support its core IT needs while providing ongoing value to the organization.