Managed Data Center and IT Infrastructure - A Banking Industry Case Study

Implementing a proven and knowledgeable managed IT services provider that developed the necessary design, provided professional deployment of systems and infrastructure, and offered the expertise to manage and maintain the system.

Resource thumbnailBeing a new bank, the executives of Century Bank were considering whether to build a new IT department from scratch or outsource IT completely. Mendy Tippets, Senior VP of Administrative Services, knew based on her previous experience that building and supporting the needed systems and applications for their bank would require a large amount of investment and resources.

More importantly, the bank needed to adhere to regulatory compliance, ensure software licenses were up to date, and provide reliable and accurate reporting to enable the executives to focus on building their business instead of worrying about everyday IT challenges. In short, they needed a professional and capable IT team that could deliver a full package of IT services effi ciently and cost-effectively.

The challenge was to find the right partner that could deliver on their vision of an outsourced IT platform.