Rush System for Health shares its employee wellness program’s success

Rush System for Health shares insights on Improving Employee Wellness and Lowering Costs.

Resource cover image Now in its eighth year, the Choose Health wellness program at Rush System for Health, headquartered in Chicago, continues to evolve to improve the health of its 14,000 eligible members. "At Rush, the mission is to care for our patients, and you cannot really adequately or completely care for somebody else until you master the art of taking care of yourself," says Kathryn Foulser, manager of Choose Health.

Rush is concentrating on 100 percent of the population; not just those at high risk. "You don’t want to forget about that vast middle ground of the employee population who are doing okay but have some health risks," says Foulser. "Certainly you want to help employees with chronic and complex conditions. But you don’t want to wait for other employees to get to that stage before addressing their health."

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