6 Top Wellness Trends for 2017

This e-book showcases 6 top wellness trends for 2017.

Resource thumbnail imageImplementing a successful wellness program can be a catalyst for increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, employee retention, and a strong corporate culture that contributes to the overall success of your organization.

Interactive Health is celebrating our 25th year creating worksite wellness solutions that impact employer healthcare spend while transforming employee lives. This e-book contains six trends in employee wellness programs for 2017, including emotional, physical and technological factors that can be addressed to help improve employee wellness and engagement:

  1. Total well-being
  2. Sleep health
  3. Community-building
  4. Technology
  5. New regulations
  6. Working environment


Download this e-book to learn how these six factors can affect employee wellness and how well-designed workplace wellness plans can help mitigate them.