Miami Children’s Hospital heightens biometric screening beyond typical ‘know your numbers’ campaign

Learn how Miami Children's Hospital shifted its wellness focus from participation to accountability with stellar results.

resource thumbnail This is a reprint from a February 2014 Employee Benefits News titled Miami Children's Hospital Heightens Biometric Screening Beyond Typical Know Your Numbers Campaign.

Miami Children's Hospital partnered with Interactive Health to offer a new biometric screenings initiative. For example, during the program's first year of implementation, the hospital encouraged employees and spouses to receive a blood draw for metrics across six areas, including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and tobacco use. If an individual had high blood pressure, their goal for the year would be to lower it. For the inaugural year, the hospital incentivized participation but for the next and those following, only participants who improve their metrics will receive lower premium rates.

Download the full case study to learn how The Interactive Health program helps employees and spouses achieve their wellness goals and also offers a means for participants to measure their progress so far.

"Employees are more engaged in their wellness than ever before. Before they didn't see the importance of it," says Janet Lara-Vital, director of total rewards and wellness at Miami Children's Hospital.