Top 10 Reasons to Think About Wellness as a Corporate Strategy

Learn the top 10 reasons why your organization should make wellness a strategic initiative this year to lower medical costs and improve the health of employees.

  1. The health of your employees should never be an afterthought… wellness is a corporate strategy
    1. Improving the health and productivity of your employees will improve your bottom line
  2. Wellness works… and numerous studies prove it
    1. Proof Positive, Zoe Consulting Study, 2012
    2. Chapman LS. Meta-evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies: 2005 update. American Journal of Health Promotion
  3. Your employees may obtain their health insurance on an exchange… but you need to own your company’s strategic wellness goals
    1. Having a consistent wellness program provider in place will enable you to meet your strategic wellness goals:
      1. Improve the health and productivity of your employees
      2. Attract and retain top talent with value added benefits
      3. Increase your bottom line
  4. You’re going to change health plan carriers… and we’re portable
    1. Maintain continuity and avoid disruptions in your wellness program when you change carriers
  5. You may utilize multiple health plan carriers… and we’re health plan agnostic
    1. Avoid the confusion of having multiple wellness plans when working with more than one health plan carrier
  6. You’re looking for innovative solutions to increase productivity… and you need a pioneer on the forefront of wellness
    1. We’ve been pioneering innovative solutions for over 20 years to help companies build a culture of health and wellness while improving employee productivity
    2. Whether it’s incentives, gamification, social interaction, or mobile apps, we help your employees (and their families) achieve their personal health goals
  7. You want a strategic partner when it comes to wellness… and we will be right by your side
    1. Our Wellness Strategists work as an extension of your HR team to develop the right plan to help your employees improve their health and maintain it
  8. You want to be able to reward employees in a fair and consistent way… and we can help you do it
    1. We help you customize an incentive strategy designed to increase participation and promote healthy living at work and at home
  9. You need a wellness program that you can customize… because your company culture and employees are unique
    1. We work with you to identify your company’s needs and then provide customized solutions
  10. It’s a time of uncomfortable change you should feel confident that your company’s strategic wellness goals will remain achievable and consistent