Roundtable Executive Summary: Population Health, Employee Wellness and Employer Accountability

Learn how to keep your workforce and bottom line healthy.

The American Hospital Association, American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) and the Chicago Society for Healthcare Human Resources Professionals (CSHHRP) recently hosted a roundtable discussing the application of effective population health strategies within health care organizations. Speakers represented CSHHRP, USC Verdugo Hills Hospital and Angie’s List.

Population health can serve as a strategic platform to improve the health outcomes of a defined group of people — such as those with chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes. Slowing the rate of growth of chronic diseases will save lives and health care costs. Hospitals’ accountability for a population’s health is where we all are headed. It is integral to completing the shift from a volume-based model to one that is outcomes- and value-based.

Key Findings
Workplace wellness programs are effective in improving the health of employee populations in hospitals and other organizations, while healthy employees serve as ambassadors for healthy living within their community populations.

  • To be successful, a wellness program will have leadership buy-in, be ingrained in the organization’s culture and provide ways to keep employees engaged in the program over time
  • A successful wellness program engages employees resistant to change by focusing on clinical outcomes that reward individual health progress
  • Such an outcomes-oriented wellness program will:
    • Motivate participants to improve health outcomes
    • Save employers significant money in insurance claims and absenteeism
    • Provide a valuable employee benefit critical to talent recruitment and retention
    • Support the organization’s marketing and reputation in the community

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