3 Solutions to Improve Operational Excellence and Performance

Learn about solutions for improving operational excellence that have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

Hospitals selecting a product or service with the aha endorsement can be confident it has met the aha’s highest standards. Read below about aha endorsed solutions that will help improve your hospital or health system’s performance, operational efficiency and effectiveness in serving its patients and community.

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Data Center Hosting and Service Desk Services

Adoption of health information technology (IT) is now central to the delivery of health care, requiring hospitals to have ever-increasing levels of IT sophistication. Most hospitals, if not all, do not list IT services as a core competency. With its expert 24/7/365 secured service, CareTech Solutions helps hospitals and health systems leverage technology to improve outcomes and lower costs. CareTech’s Data Center Hosting facilities are SSAE 16 SOC 2 TYPE 2 and Tier II compliant, as well as LEED Silver-certified green.

For hospitals and health systems to ensure that they can deliver the best possible patient care and operational performance, they must offer 24/7/365 support for staff’s use of the organization’s IT. CareTech’s Service Desk Services provide the specialized 24/7/365 support needed for hospitals’ complex IT services in an efficient and cost-effective way. By resolving an average of 70-90 percent of issues on first contact, they enable clinicians and other staff members to quickly return to their mission of delivering high-quality patient care.

Learn how intelligent process automation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, can enhance clinical and operational efficiency in "Using Intelligent Process Automation to Reduce Clinician Burnout and Improve Patient Interactions."

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Financing Solutions

Access to capital is critical. Hospitals and providers must have the means to acquire equipment and fund growth initiatives. Health care providers have access to a large number of financing partners, making it confusing and time-consuming to vet and review all of the options.

Because First American Healthcare Finance focuses exclusively on the health care field, it understands the challenges providers face, such as changes in regulations, the importance of cash flow and the flexibility in financing options health care providers need. Through Financing Solutions from First American Healthcare Finance, providers can fulfill their ongoing commitments to pay for medical equipment, technology, software, renovations and expansions.

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Policy & Procedure Management Software & Services

Keeping hospital policies and procedures up to date and easy to locate requires an efficient management system for these critical documents and attendant processes. Hospitals with fully developed, Joint Commission-compliant policies and procedures stand to improve patient care, employee performance and overall operational effectiveness.

NAVEX Global’s PolicyTech® policy and procedure management software and services, designed specifically to address the complex compliance environment of hospitals, provide a consistent, efficient and cost-effective method for managing policies. The automated management system frees human resources and compliance staff to focus on core business activities, while instilling confidence in the hospital’s regulatory compliance.

Health care leaders must develop thoughtful policies and procedures designed in response to emerging issues rather than current regulation so they can deliver enhanced quality of care. Find out more in the white paper “Top 10 Regulatory Challenges in the Healthcare Environment.”