4 Innovative Solutions For Strategic Workforce Issues

Learn about solutions for strategic workforce issues that have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Hospitals Selecting A Product Or Service With The Aha Endorsement Can Be Confident It Has Met The Aha’s Highest Standards. Read Below About Aha Endorsed Solutions That Will Help You Attract And Retain Competent And Committed Staff.

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Accident Insurance for Volunteers & Student Nurses

Health care organizations need a high-quality and cost-effective option for insuring hospital volunteers and student nurses who are injured while performing authorized hospital activities — whether on or off the hospital’s premises. Organizations are looking for a program that offers flexible benefit levels and premiums that meet the specific needs of their health care organization — without deductibles or co-payments.

The AHA volunteer and student nurse insurance program, developed in collaboration with the American Hospital Association and The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc., is a cost-effective option for insuring hospital volunteers and student nurses. Learn more about this Endorsed solution from The Allen J. Flood Companies, Inc.

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Applicant Screening & Drug Testing Services

Helping ensure safety in the workplace and compliance with federal and state screening regulations are vital concerns for health care organizations. The effective screening of staff and employees, along with contractors and vendors, is essential for any care provider.

Certiphi Screening provides screening services exclusively to health care organizations nationwide. It has extensive knowledge of health care’s unique hiring objectives, challenges and compliance requirements. Certiphi Screening’s services help hospitals and health systems make safer, smarter hiring decisions and protect patients, staff and visitors. Gain guidance on performing alcohol testing as a means to reduce risk and potential liability in this “Alcohol Testing in the Workplace” white paper from Certiphi Screening.

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Recruitment Optimization, Assessments and Performance Management

To maintain high-quality care with an already taxed workforce, health care organizations need a way to efficiently recruit, develop, and retain competent and committed talent. The recruitment optimization, assessments and performance management solutions from the HealthcareSource talent management suite help organizations build a Patient-Centered Workforce®. They assist hospitals in selecting, developing and retaining highly engaged employees who are focused on improving patient care and satisfaction, fit the organization’s culture, and support its goals. For valuable insights on how to effectively hire, keep and grow your workforce, read HealthcareSource’s new issues brief.

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Workplace Wellness Solutions

As employers, hospitals are challenged with maximizing employee health plan benefits to encourage staff health and wellness. Many are adopting wellness programs to manage costs, increase productivity and provide a model of health for their employee communities. An outsourced workplace wellness program can help hospitals improve health and the bottom line without overtaxing internal resources or requiring additional tools to gauge success.

The Healthy Triumph outcomes-based wellness program from Interactive Health is proven to lower employer medical costs and improve employee health and productivity. When health care workers are struggling with health problems, they cannot provide the level of care and service that patients expect and deserve. Learn about best practices for improving employee wellness and lowering costs in the “Employee Wellness in the Hospital” executive briefing.