Innovative Solutions for Patient and Community Engagement

Learn about innovative, AHA Endorsed solutions that will help you enhance patient and community engagement.

Look to the following solutions that have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA) to help your hospital or health system better engage with patients and consumers in your community.

Hospitals selecting a product or service with the AHA Endorsement can be confident it has met the AHA’s highest standards. Read below about AHA Endorsed solutions that will help you enhance patient and community engagement.

Telehealth Technology Platform and Licensable Software Solutionlogo

Hospitals are implementing innovative strategies to provide services beyond their walls and increase access to care for their patients and community members.

The Telehealth Technology Platform and Licensable Software Solution of Teladoc Health increases access to quality, affordable care by enabling people to seek medical care from any location via phone; secure, online, multi-party-video; or mobile app. Through its platform-as-a-service and licensable software solution, Teladoc Health enables hospitals and health systems to create, manage and clinically direct their own telehealth programs to increase patients’ access to care, improve efficiency and care coordination, and reduce costs. For four key tips on setting a telehealth strategy and selecting a solution, read this case study highlighting lessons learned by Jefferson Health as it developed one of the most innovative and effective programs in the country.

Wayfinding Solution logo

Finding their way from home to their point of care in the health care system can be confusing for many patients and their families.

With Gozio Health’s Wayfinding Solution, hospitals and health systems can assist visitors in finding their destinations quickly and easily. This helps to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of missed appointments and improve their overall experience. The indoor/outdoor wayfinding platform provides GPS-like “blue-dot” and turn-by-turn directions via a mobile app. It guides patients and visitors from home, into the hospital parking garage, and on to their destinations. Learn why wayfinding is important to patient experience, how modern experiential wayfinding solutions differ from traditional wayfinding, and specific examples of the value it provides in the white paper “Why Wayfinding Is Now a ‘Must Have’ for Patient Engagement.”