Innovative Solutions for Improving Quality and Patient Safety

Look to the following solutions that have earned the exclusive endorsement of the AHA to help your hospital or health system increase the quality and safety of its patient care.

Hospitals selecting a product or service with the AHA Endorsement can be confident it has met the AHA's highest standards. Read below about AHA Endorsed solutions that will help you enhance quality and patient safety.

Enterprise-Wide Imaging Performance and Analytics Solutions

Imalogix logoToday's hospitals are working hard to ensure that radiation doses during diagnostic procedures are kept as low as possible, while still achieving useful, high-quality imaging. This is both to protect patients from unnecessarily high doses of radiation and to comply with The Joint Commission's diagnostic imaging standards.

The Imalogix solution uses advanced analytics to systematically reduce radiation exposure to patients and achieve The Joint Commission compliance in 30 days or fewer. It’s the first radiation-management and analytics solution that is truly cloud-based, freeing hospitals from having to manage or maintain software. While other solutions can take weeks or months to provide meaningful information, Imalogix solutions offer useful data just minutes after installation.

When searching for an image quality and radiation dose-management solution, the quality of your vendor depends on the quality of your request for proposal (RFP). Get help drafting a strong RFP with this Executive Guide.

Incident Reporting and Management

RL Solutions logoLearning from the adverse events that occur in health care can help hospitals improve patient safety while reducing their risk and minimizing loss. When hospitals capture and analyze their adverse events, they can make better plans to prevent recurrence.

RL6:Risk by RL Solutions is a comprehensive safety, quality and risk-management solution designed specifically for health care. The flexible, web-based incident-management system can be custom-tailored to each hospital’s workflows and requests. It's easy to use, making front-line staff more likely to report events. Administrators can use those data to enhance processes and increase accountability in support of their organization's patient safety- and quality-improvement efforts.

When conducted effectively, root-cause analyses can yield valuable insights and create a basis for improvements that mitigate risks and proactively address factors that contribute to adverse events. Learn how RL6:RootCause software can help you manage and streamline your health care organization’s root-cause analysis process.