3 Solutions for Engaging Patients and Consumers in Your Community

Learn about 3 solutions for improving patient/consumer engagement and experience that have earned the exclusive AHA Endorsement.

Help your hospital or health system better engage and improve the experience of the patients, their families and consumers in your community. Look to the following solutions that have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA). Hospitals selecting a product or service with the AHA Endorsement can be confident it has met the AHA’s highest standard.


Cyracom LogoInterpretation & Translation Services

Today, 65 million U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home. At the same time, hospitals face increasing pressure to improve patient satisfaction scores, reduce readmission rates and comply with the language access standards set by Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and The Joint Commission. Delivering quality care to limited-English-proficient (LEP) patients will require hospitals to utilize qualified, professional interpreters and translators.

CyraCom’s Interpretation & Translation Services help hospitals to address the challenges of LEP patient communication through phone interpretation, video interpretation, and translation and localization solutions. CyraCom employs thousands of interpreters in large-scale interpreter contact centers across the U.S., enabling the company to provide a level of in-person, health care-focused interpreter training, workforce management and quality monitoring atypical in the language services industry. To learn more, download CyraCom’s white paper Improving HCAHPS: Boosting Patient Satisfaction Through Great Language Services.




Gozio Health logoWayfinding Solution

Finding their way from home to their point of care in the health care system can be confusing for many patients and their families.

With Gozio Health’s Wayfinding Solution, hospitals and health systems can assist visitors in finding their destinations quickly and easily. This helps to alleviate stress, reduce the risk of missed appointments and improve their overall experience. The indoor/outdoor wayfinding platform provides GPS-like “blue-dot” and turn-by-turn directions via a mobile app. It guides patients and visitors from home, into the hospital parking garage and on to their destinations. Learn how Gozio’s indoor navigation and feature-rich platform can anchor your mobile strategy and enhance your patients’ overall experience: Watch this two-minute video.




YourCareEverywhere logoConsumer-Engagement Solution

Health care is facing a multitude of external pressures that ultimately will result in a more proactive approach to care — one in which populations will benefit from new care models and empowered health care consumers are better informed and more invested in their health.

YourCareEverywhere’s Consumer Engagement Platform, YourCareEverywhereTM, is a health and wellness consumer engagement solution that engages patients and consumers in the community through digital and mobile programs. YourCareEverywhere offers tools and resources that encourage continuous engagement throughout the continuum of care and drive both new-patient acquisition and retention. It also helps to facilitate Meaningful Use compliance, increase brand awareness and strengthen loyalty via an integrated suite of offerings and services. To learn how consumer-focused digital tools and mobile solutions can help your hospital or health system to personalize the patient experience, download the white paper Addressing the Rise of Healthcare Consumerism & The New Marketing Reality.