St. Charles Health System replaces unsecure technology

Imprivata helped St. Charles Health System replaced inadequate, unsecure legacy technology and improve communication for its medical providers.

Resource thumbnail imageSt. Charles Health System is a four-center health system that serves central Oregon, with a 256-bed main campus located in Bend. The largest provider of care in the region, St. Charles Health System works with nearly 1,000 medical providers.

St. Charles Health System was looking to replace their legacy communication methods, which consisted of inadequate, unsecure, and out-of-date technology.

Initially, the team at St. Charles was looking to find a solution to help meet a Joint Commission requirement, which mandated read-receipts capability for their method of communication. They were also looking to avoid HIPAA violations that could result from sending protected health information (PHI) in an unsecure way, such as text messaging.

Bo Miller, Medical Informaticist at St. Charles Health System, says that he “saw a convergence of two problems, that could be taken care of with one solution.”

It was with those needs in mind, as well as a focus on allowing their care providers to connect and communicate with each other, that Bo Miller and his team chose to implement Imprivata Cortext® for secure messaging.

To learn more about the health system's planning, deployment and adoption of the Imprivata Cortext solution, download this case study.