Secure Text Messaging Replaces Pagers – Beaufort Memorial Hospital Case Study

Learn how Beaufort Memorial Hospital addressed insecure text messaging between clinicians and the decreasing efficacy and high costs of its pager system.

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For nearly 70 years, Beaufort Memorial Hospital in South Carolina has provided quality healthcare services to the residents of coastal South Carolina. As the largest hospital between Charleston and Savannah, GA, Beaufort Memorial is a regional referral center specializing in acute care, rehabilitation, and mental health services.

The IT team at Beaufort had two separate challenges to deal with. The first was potential insecure text messaging between its clinicians. Second was the decreasing effectiveness and high cost of its pager system.

The hospital was able to address both issues using Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communications platform from Imprivata, the leader in healthcare IT security. Imprivata Cortext made it easy for Beaufort’s clinicians to text securely using their own smartphones and tablets. For the hospital and its clinical staff, Imprivata Cortext provided a path for migrating away from their outdated and expensive pagers.

“Our clinicians have been extremely impressed with the functionality and ease-of-use of Imprivata Cortext, which has improved productivity and enhanced patient care while maintaining compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.”

-Edward Ricks, VP and CIO, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Download the case study to learn how Imprivata Cortext helped Beaufort bring secure texting to clinical workflows, mitigate HIPAA compliance risks, streamline communications and reduce costs.