Streamlining Clinical Communication Workflows

This document visually describes four key clinical workflows that can be streamlined using the secure communications platform for healthcare.

Collaboration in healthcare is necessary to ensure that critical information will be conveyed promptly, reliably and securely. This critical information may take the form of requests for consultation, notifications of patient admission or discharge, medication order verifications and more. However, outdated technology, such as pagers, email and fax, often get in the way of delivering timely patient care. This whitepaper describes four key clinical workflows that can be streamlined using Imprivata Cortext® – the secure communications platform for healthcare.

PCP Consults
When a Primary Care Physician needs a request, a consult, or to send a referral to a specialist, often they have to call the specialist’s answering service and rely on pagers and phone calls to connect. This slows the delivery of getting information to the patient. Imprivata Cortext enables PCP’s to easily find and communicate with a specialist, right from their personal device.

When a catheterization lab is activated, time is of the essence to alert the percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) team that a patient is being sent from the emergency department and needs to be prepped for the cardiologist. Nurses in the ER can activate the code team for a STEMI in order to prepare for surgery. CMS requires that hospitals meet Code STEMI within 60 minutes. Imprivata Cortext enables organizations to activate the cath lab more efficiently with secure text message across groups.

Medication Order Verification
As hospitals move to a CPOE platform, the rate at which orders are sent to the pharmacy can increase. Often, these orders require a conversation between the pharmacy and physician. However, many pharmacies are using outdated technologies such as overhead paging to request a callback from a physician. Imprivata Cortext enables pharmacists and care providers to easily verify medication dosage, prescriptions, and therapeutic orders.