Secure Communications for Healthcare

Learn how Imprivata Cortext® enables healthcare organizations to replace pagers, improve care coordination, and increase provider and patient satisfaction.


  • Save 45 minutes per provider per day
  • Improve care coordination and response times
  • Increase HCAHPS scores by 30%
  • Comply with HIPAA regulations


Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to:

Replace pagers and outdated technologies
Organizations can eliminate inefficient workflows caused by outdated technologies such as pagers and overhead paging systems with an easy to use secure messaging platform.

Improve care team coordination
Providers can use a single platform for group communication across multiple sites, both inside and outside the hospital.

Secure patient health information
Imprivata Cortext is HIPAA-verified by a 3rd party audit agency and backed by a Business Associate Agreement. Providers no longer need to decide between speed of communication and legal risk.

Secure texting
Improve the efficiency of clinical communications and care coordination with secure text, photo, and group messaging across any desktop or device. Imprivata Cortext supports native platforms for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. Imprivata Cortext offers real-time message synchronization across all providers’ devices and desktops.

Enterprise desktop messaging
Imprivata Cortext extends secure communications to every care provider and staff member in the hospital with a rich, native desktop application across every workstation. Rich notifications alert providers of new and missed messages every time they log into their workstation. The Imprivata Cortext desktop application also enables providers to enroll and log in to the Imprivata Cortext mobile authentication by simply scanning a secure code on their screen.

Pager replacement
Imprivata Cortext enables organizations to replace overhead paging and pagers while improving provider and patient satisfaction. Unlike paging, providers can securely communicate real-time patient information and photos across the entire care team. Read and delivery receipts enable providers to know when their messages have been read. Providers can also set persistent alerts to remind them of unread messages.

Care coordination across teams and organizations
Group messaging supports better care team coordination. Imprivata Cortext enables providers to create and save personal groups, while administrators can create organization groups that everyone can access. For care coordination outside of the hospital, such as consults and referrals, Imprivata Cortext enables providers to communicate between multiple sites and locations, all within a single communication platform. Enterprise contact directory Imprivata Cortext enables care providers to text and call colleagues – without searching for a phone number. Integration with Active Directory keeps all clinical contact information up-to-date.

Out-of-network messaging
Out-of-network messaging enables providers to send messages out of Imprivata Cortext to affiliated providers, consulting physicians, and patients. Out-of-network communications are delivered via SMS and contain an encrypted link to a secure web page where a recipient can respond once.

Quick responses
Imprivata Cortext enables providers to easily respond to messages without having to type a response. Providers can choose from a number of pre-built quick responses, saving time and steps in communication.

Shared device support
Imprivata Cortext enables multiple users to share a single device, so organizations can cost-effectively provide on-shift mobile device access to more of their users, without the overhead of purchasing individual devices.

Mass notifications
Imprivata Cortext enables administrators to quickly send a secure message to all users at once. Mass notifications can be used to alert users of important, upcoming events that will impact the community such as software upgrades, construction projects, and organizational policy changes, or for highly urgent messages such as code team activation and weather or safety alerts.

Clinical systems integration
Imprivata Cortext enables care providers to receive clinical alerts, lab results and other rich content securely to their personal device or workstation by integrating it with your existing systems. Imprivata Cortext can also integrate with systems such as paging, call centers and more, so that nurses and operators can easily send secure Cortext messages without changing their existing workflow.

Enterprise management
Imprivata Cortext offers enterprise administrators a secure and robust administration center that provides the following capabilities:

  • User enrollment & provisioning
  • Bulk license management
  • User device privileges
  • AD integration
  • Enterprise group management
  • Remote wipe capabilities
  • Data retention policies
  • Message archiving
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Application PIN-lock policies
  • Time-out policies

Integration with Imprivata OneSign
Imprivata Cortext enables organizations to transform desktop communications with a native, unique desktop experience By leveraging integration with Imprivata OneSign, organizations can instantly enable organization-wide communication for all clinical staff including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, therapists, case managers, administrative staff, and more. Organizations with Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Cortext are enabled with:

  • No Click Access® to desktop communication
  • Auto-enrollment of Imprivata OneSign users into Imprivata Cortext
  • Scan to sign in mobile authentication
  • Roaming alerts for missed messages