The Next Generation of Radiation Dose Risk Management

Learn how Imalogix works to ensure both the machines and humans involved in radiation dose management achieve the appropriate balance.

Resource thumbnail Managing the risks of CT imaging has remained a top priority for healthcare since well-publicized sentinel events in 2008 prompted a comprehensive response from accrediting agencies, equipment manufacturers, and healthcare administrators.1 While the implementation of resulting mandatory standards, software enhancements, and CT dose awareness campaigns had positive intentions, there are still major obstacles to minimizing risk and delivering optimal radiation dose for individual patients.2 These pitfalls were highlighted by researchers led by Timothy P. Szczykutowicz, Ph.D., DABR, from the department of radiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who concluded that CT dose management is well intentioned but not well executed.3

The general goal of dose management intentions is to provide tools, safeguards, and training that enable patient protection and true dose optimization. Szczykutowicz et al. characterize the issues of dose management as personnel-intensive, costly, and time-consuming, which inhibit enterprises from working around mismanagement trends. Before now, no single solution has considered all of these facets when developing a strategy for accessible dose management.