Optimizing Image Quality and Minimizing Patient Radiation Dose

Learn how to utilize analytics to maintain compliance with guidelines on CT radiation dose per scan and cumulative exposure.

Imalogix resource thumbnail imageTaking Analytics to a Whole New Level

The dramatic increase in the use of computed tomography in the past quarter century – driven by the introduction of spiral CT in the early 1990s and the transition to multislice technology – has led to growing concern over radiation dose per scan and cumulative exposure to ionizing radiation for patients.

  • CT is estimated to contribute approximately 50% to 67% of the total collective radiation dose to the population in Western countries.1
  • Hospital accrediting bodies and state regulatory agencies are requiring institutions to perform reviews of CT imaging protocols and implement dose optimization.
  • Proper centering technique may result in as much as 30% reduction in dose as well as reduced image noise to improve quality.

Beyond radiation dose monitoring and tracking to performance improvement

ImalogixTM is the industry leader in dose performance and image quality management. The Imalogix radiation dose management and analytics solution measures operational and performance issues leading to greater visibility into potential imaging deficiencies:

  1. The software alerts medical imaging staff when acquisition protocols have been performed with the patient positioned out of isocenter.
  2. The Imalogix solution also reveals when imaging takes place outside of the boundaries of the planning radiographs.

Both of these imprecisions are not considered good imaging technique and yet, in practice, occur quite frequently. Besides tracking and reporting operational errors, each inaccuracy can be evaluated while considering performing technologist, location, scanner and acquisition protocol. Through such data collection and sophisticated analytics, targeted radiologic staff training can reduce radiation dose and improve diagnostic image quality.

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1. Deak PD, Langner O. Effects of Adaptive Section Collimation on Patient Radiation Dose in Multisection Spiral CT Radiology. 2009 Jul;252(1):140-7.