Patient and Family Engagement Resource Compendium

This resource compendium was developed to help link PFE concepts and strategies to available resources.

Resource thumbnailBy partnering with patients, their families and other caregivers, hospitals can improve the quality and safety of health care,1,2 reduce costs,3 increase employee satisfaction4,5 and improve the patient experience.6 Carmen et al.7 define patient and family engagement as “patients, families, their representatives, and health professionals working in active partnership at various levels across the health care system—direct care, organizational design and governance, and policy making— to improve health and health care.” This definition acknowledges that PFE represents a continuum of strategies and interventions that can occur at the bedside, in the board room and in the community. Partnering with patients and families has many cascading benefits related to health care quality, patient activation and elimination of health care disparities. It can transform organizational culture in profound ways.