Are the Dependents on Your Organization's Health Plan Eligible for Coverage?

Few strategies offer employers and plan sponsors the opportunity for the immediate and substantial impact on health care costs than the dependent eligibility audit.

If you could reduce those costs without impacting benefits, would you?

Medical institutions nationwide are feeling budgetary pressure as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other costs that they can’t directly control— including employee health care.

What many hospitals don’t realize is that some of those employee healthcare costs are avoidable. On average, 5-10% of dependents covered by hospitals benefits plans are not truly eligible for coverage. Few strategies offer a greater immediate and substantial opportunity to reduce health care costs than the dependent eligibility audit.

With HMS’s dependent eligibility audits, you can identify and help permanently remove ineligible dependents from your health plan, reducing your claim costs. And lower claim costs mean more money available for other critical needs, including supplies, proper staffing, and other items that directly impact your patients. Read more.