Kingman Regional Medical Center Customer Profile and Success Story

Learn how Kingman Regional Medical Center was able to simplify reference checking and fill positions quicker with reference assessment.

Resource thumbnailWhen your vision is to provide the region's best clinical care and patient service, you want to hire the best people for every position. While reference checking factors into the hiring decision, it can be an onerous exercise making numerous phone calls- especially for staff that are short on time. That was the situation for Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) In Arizona. KRMC realized how long it took to fill positions and needed a more efficient process for checking references.


  • Time-consuming to check references
  • Delays in filling positions
  • Failure to satisfy internal policies



  • Reduced reference response time from one week to 24-48 hours on average
  • Decreased time to fill by 7 days on average
  • Raised reference quality
  • Save managers hours each week
  • Equip managers to better assess candidates
  • Empowered to quickly weed out unserious candidates