Understanding the Wayfinding Challenge

Navigating through a typical hospital can be difficult. A hospital branded smartphone mobile app can help – read this whitepaper to learn how.

Navigating through the average hospital can be very difficult.

Gozio whitepaper thumbnail - WayfindingHospital layouts are often times not logical due to years of renovations and building additions. Confusing signage and multiple entrances add to the anxiety patients felt before the visit. Visual clutter and medical jargon on current signage only serves to increase frustration and anxiety.

It is no surprise then that patients and visitors get lost, arrive late and end up stressed or even angry. In fact, research shows that more than 30% of hospital visitors have to ask staff for directions.¹ Staff naturally wants to help, but these interruptions can have an impact on the quality of care. In fact, hospitals attribute 43% of medication errors to workplace distractions such as visitors asking for directions.²

If hospitals don’t help patients with wayfinding, the overall patient experience can be negatively affected. Given the current healthcare changes, that experience counts for a lot. Hospital administrators are doing all they can to engage patients and make their experience as comfortable and frustration-free as possible. A hospital branded smartphone mobile app may be just the solution needed to improve patients’ experience for several reasons.

Read the full whitepaper to learn more.


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