Why Hospital Mobile Apps with Wayfinding are Becoming a Necessity

Today’s healthcare champions patient engagement. Read this whitepaper on how to keep pace with the growing desire for mobile apps to drive patient loyalty.

whitepaper thumbnail - mobile strategyMobile phones have come a long way since the first Motorola cell phone in 1973. The first model was 9 inches long, over 2.5 pounds, and almost $4,000. Very few people owned one, but fast-forward to today and you rarely see anyone without a mobile phone in hand, and it is usually a smartphone.

There has been astounding smartphone growth, from 2% in 2005 to 27% in 2010, to 75% in 2015.¹

According to Pew Research, smartphones are a key entry point to the online world.² Everything has gone mobile! It’s how Americans stay connected, with phone calls, social networking and also navigation.

Mobile is nearly everywhere, however healthcare is underserved:

  • There is a lack of information when patients need it most
  • Navigation stops at the front door of the hospital
  • No appointment reminders or alerts
  • No communication of the hospitals services and amenities
  • No connection with the health system or physicians


Today’s healthcare is all about patient engagement. The marketplace is competitive and every healthcare organization is jockeying for an advantage.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about how a mobile app solution can help drive patient engagement.