Adopting Mobile Wayfinding to Provide Exceptional Patient Experience

University of Miami Health System (UHealth) recently partnered with Gozio Health to develop a mobile platform that included indoor wayfinding.

Resource Cover ImgThe Lennar Foundation Medical Center, University of Miami Health System


University of Miami Health System (UHealth) is the only academic medical center in the Miami area. In other areas of the country, academic medical centers claim about 20 percent share of the health care market. UHealth claims only 6 percent. The main hospital in the system is located in downtown Miami, but the bulk of area residents live outside the city and aren’t willing to travel downtown for most of their health care. “We have created an incredible system that people can’t access,” says Ben Riestra, Chief Administrative Officer of the recently opened Lennar Foundation Medical Center in Coral Gables.


The centerpiece of the UHealth solution is a state-of-theart facility on the Coral Gables campus (nine miles from the downtown hospital), the Lennar Foundation Medical Center, which opened in December 2016. The outpatient ambulatory care center is, in essence, a fully functional hospital — minus the beds. “It has the chassis of a 90- 100 bed hospital,” explains Riestra, including a full range of clinical services and Centers of Excellence, all available on an outpatient-only basis. The building was designed for easy access. From the first contact to make an appointment to the post-discharge meeting, the planners put the patient at the center of the process. For instance, optical services are located close to diabetes care so that patients can easily move from one department to the next. Riestra calls it an interdisciplinary, multi-specialty care model with a focus on the individual. Modular stainless steel walls in the operating room making it easier for future facility modularity and helps promote best standards in infection control and prevention.

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