Healthcare Financing Insights: 2017 Trends and Healthcare Outlook

In this report, learn about major trends in healthcare finance for 2017, including consolidation, revenue shifts, and technology integration.

resource thumbnailChange in healthcare has become the new constant. Consolidation, new channels of care, shifts in revenue, technology integration, and improvement in care are the major trends of 2017. Healthcare has never simultaneously had so much vitality, anticipation, uncertainty, and potential.

As upcoming trends are forecasted, providers are trying to understand the reasons behind the changes, why they are happening, and how they can plan for them in the future.

Where Are Healthcare Providers Investing?

With endless possibilities for investment, where are healthcare providers actually spending? In 2016, First American met with over 700 unique healthcare providers across the nation to discuss their top investment priorities. Download the whitepaper to find out what providers are investing in and how they are making budget decisions about investments.