Executive Priorities in Healthcare and the Impact of Quality Language Services

A handy guide to help health care executives, language services leaders and procurement teams select the highest quality language services solutions, to ensure tangible, organization-wide benefits for years to come.

cover thumbExcelling in language services may improve the metrics your executive team cares about – but does your leadership understand that? Are they aware that an investment in quality language solutions today may produce tangible, organization-wide benefits for years to come?

As the leading provider of language services to hospitals and healthcare organizations, CyraCom developed this education resource to help:

HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES understand the impact limited-English proficient (LEP) patients, and the care they receive, have on overall priorities.

LANGUAGE SERVICES LEADERS make the case for a quality language access program.

PROCUREMENT TEAMS choose a language services provider based on quality, avoiding the repercussions of prioritizing short-term cost.