Deaf and Hard of Hearing 101: Things to Know when Working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Culture, how the deaf and hard of hearing community communicates and important tips for communicating with the deaf.

Resource thumbnailApproximately one million people in the US are functionally deaf, and nearly 10 million people are hard of hearing1. Most people hear “Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH)” and think of profoundly deaf individuals - those born deaf or who became deaf due to a childhood illness. However, the Deaf and HOH community is diverse, with variations in the causes and degrees of hearing loss. An individual’s hearing loss may be mild, profound, or anywhere in between; and caused by anything from repeated exposure to loud noises and disease, to aging and heredity.2

Download the full white paper to learn more about this cutlure, and tips to effectively communicate in this community.