Connecting the Dots Between Cyber Risk and Patient Safety

Identify how data security & patient safety are linked and how enhanced risk management better protects patients against cybersecurity-related threats.

Resource thumbnailExecutive Summary
Today the information needed to provide care resides in more places than ever before, including electronic health records, the smartphones, tablets and laptops carried by physicians and other caregivers, intelligent medical devices like smart pumps, monitors and implants, patient portals and mobile health apps, not to mention provider partners, business associates and other members of the patient care ecosystem. Safe, quality care depends on timely access to this information. Therefore, any threats to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information represent threats to patient safety.

This white paper highlights how information security and patient safety are linked, identifies emerging PHI-related threats to patient safety, documents relevant incidents and the lessons that can be learned from them, and suggests how hospitals can enhance their risk management approach to better protect patients against new cybersecurity-related threats to patient safety.