Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment: Physician Engagement

The transformation from volume to value cannot happen without physician engagement — and physician leadership.

New Relationships in Health Care

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For the past 30 or so years in health care, there’s been a divide between clinical leadership and hospital administration. While the physicians and other clinicians focused on patients, administrators focused on logistics and the financial aspect of health care delivery. In the new era of health care, as economics shift from volume to value, these two worlds are coming together to deliver quality care and improve health outcomes for populations and communities.

This transformation cannot happen without physician engagement — and physician leadership.

On June 16, 2016, the American Hospital Association assembled a group of clinicians and hospital administrators in Pasadena, Calif., to discuss physician engagement and physician leadership and the role they play in the transformation of health care. AHA Solutions, a division of Health Forum, the strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association, organized the program as part of its Critical Conversations series. The event was designed to offer ideas and resources for eliciting the closer involvement of physicians in improving the quality, cost effectiveness and accessibility of health care in communities across the country. This Executive Summary outlines the highlights of those discussions.