Understanding Job Seekers — Survey Results

Results from a recent survey of what job seekers in health care are looking for – and where they’re looking.

38% of job seekers on, the online job board powered by the American Hospital Association, are nurses and more than two thirds of the seekers have 10 or more years of experience in their fields. This is good news for hospitals who are looking for experienced nurses.

80% of the job seekers already have a job, which makes them harder to get a hold of and recruit. Still, more than 50 percent are actively looking for new opportunities and they are looking hard enough to consult an average of 4.3 resources, including online job boards and company websites.

Nearly 1/2 cite LinkedIn as the most effective social media channel for online job searches. In fact, the second most cited social media channel in the survey was “none.”

Job Seekers report they want more information to guide their search, something HR departments should keep in mind when developing recruiting materials. Nearly 80 percent look for information about employers and specific roles in an organization. Sixty percent also want information about health care career paths and development opportunities. The job seekers also report that they are not always sure about what jobs they are qualified for or what their options are for advancement. Many want to brush up on their resume and interview skills. They want information about how best to use online search engines, social media and other job search tools.

“In addition to devoting enough resources to advertise their positions, HR departments should look for ways to help candidates,” suggests Amy Goble, vice president of Programs that help sharpen interview and resume-writing skills not only help position the organization as a desired employer, but also improve the quality of candidates that apply to that organization.

Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment

In early 2016 the American Hospital Association invited human resource and talent professionals to participate in a Critical Conversation about workforce challenges and innovations in today’s health care environment. Also participating were representatives of a selection of health care solutions providers whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA.