Employee Engagement In Healthcare

Tips from progressive hospitals on how they drive employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES can become ambassadors of the organization’s mission and partners in its success when effectively engaged. Here are a few ways progressive hospitals are driving employee engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Knowledge Sharing at all Levels – Workers on the front lines need to know the meaning and implication of terms like “second curve” and “Valuebased reimbursement” Everyone, from experienced nurses to entry-level environmental service workers, should understand why things need to change.

Capacity Building – Leaders must identify the education and skills required to achieve transformation in health care. This will involve not only hiring new staff with different backgrounds, but also developing the talent within and keeping them engaged.

Physician Training – Involving physicians is key to successful transformation of a health care organization. Physicians must be trained to step out of their traditional role as the “expert” and into the role of collaborator so that can work in partnership with both patients and other members of the care team.

Developing the Next Generation – It will become increasingly important in the future to ensure that employees come from diverse backgrounds, and that those employees have the opportunity to move into leadership roles. Forward-thinking hospitals are reaching out into their communities to partner with campuses and start this training early.

Critical Conversations on the Changing Health Environment
In early 2016 the American Hospital Association invited human resource and talent professionals to participate in a Critical Conversation about workforce challenges and innovations in today’s health care environment. Also participating were representatives of a selection of health care solutions providers whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA.